DIAMOND And ZARI Finally React To Claims That Tiffah Is Not Diamond's Daughter!!!

We all took in a sharp breath, when one King Lawrence came out claiming that Zari's new-born baby girl Tiffah, was not Diamond's daughter.

It was clearly a hit 'below the belt' probably intended to spark controversy and an ensuring back-and-forth war of words was expected. 

But, Zari and Diamond have decided to be the bigger person about it and are allegedly falling over backwards as they laugh at the hilarity of it all.

A source close to Zari speaking to HeadsUp was quoted saying, "They expected this and in fact, Zari has just been laughing about the matter. She is actually taking advantage of all the  attention.” 

Well, could be that Lawrence just helped them hike the prize of contracting baby Tiffah for adverts with his allegations, because people will definitely be racing to see if she in anyway resembles Daimond.