SAUTI SOL Badly Trolled Over Fashion Glitch! (PHOTO)

Kenyan top crew Sauti Sol may just have had their first major fashion fail since their debut in the industry.

They are not the first nor the last victims of a sinister wardrobe malfunction and we have to admit that there have been worse scenarios, what with boobs popping out on stage, exposing parts that shouldn't be seen among other things.

When Sauti Sol dropped a picture with Nigerian sensation Yemi Alade wearing what seems to be an infusion of African and Western fashion, Kenyans were not impressed. And true to online tradition, most took to social media to troll the group.

Here are some of the comments they got;


> we love fashion and dressing up. This right here is a huge fail. People mistake weird for edgy. They ended up looking like shepherds... I still love SautiSol


> How do you pay thousands to look homeless?! Hahahaa.. Yemi Alade is outstanding while others are standing outside the fashion.. Muziki iko juu,fashion iko down kama bei ya matumbo. #FashionImeshoka #ImeSallenda


> They look like cattle rustlers! The things missing are; arrows&bows/guns and stolen cattle. A mockery or crime against dressing up/fashion is what I am seeing.


> Let me be a Kenyan who doesnt like dressing up and if fashion means trying out ata bedsheets na kuchukua curtains dirisha ibaki hivyo wacha tu ikae. Can you take a man dressed like that to your parents? Soon watavaa carpet na tyre kwa shingo like a chain alafu utatuambia Kenyans are afraid to try new things.


> Jeez wats this...look like the 3wise men


> But they are dressed by one of Citizen's fashion cops!What do you expect.FAIL!!


> this is fashion but apparently not in the planet earth...labda kwa planet ambayo bado haijakua discovered.


> But my observation, they look stupid!!


> the name fashion edge. Not this look, its like pieces of clothes were thrown up and fell on their naked bodies. eish!


> Kwanza huyu mrefu sasa anakaa aje n then i don't know whether he has put his hand in between his legs ama mimi ndiye naona vitu zangu


> Kanye wannabes. ....r u stil lukin for models......come for some.


> Kuvaa bedsheets imekuwa fashion


> Ghai watu wakipewa pesa bado wanavaa kama wanarazeti


> Ahah seriously they have good music,but they dress so bad,they need to fire their fashion designer


> Wanakaa watu wa wakati wa Noah akijenga safina...


> They have dressed like Bushmen,no wonder they can't win anything!!!


> Are they morans maybe they're supporting Maasai culture remember maasai culture is the only pride we have in Kenya and Tanzania


> Kwa style hii,!!!!!!!!lazima Nerea atoe mimba


> Bien kwanza? ?? Mnakaa aje sasa?? Ata yemi , iyo nguo iko na kilo ngapi? ?


> Christ! Who is their wardrobe manager? I didn't study anything to do with fashion but I can do far much better than that.


> Wanakaaa chokoraa wa globe cinema


> Haiya kumbe gazeti sio ya kufunga nyama pekeyake kumbe inaeza kuwa nguo,


> Looks like they are wearing Kanye West's designs, like they are about to feature in the movie 'The Book of Yeezus' or something. Total FAIL these outfits!


> These guys wore black long sleeved leather jackets in scotching Los Angeles heat in the middle of summer for the BET awards, and oh they had on back boots as well... They are in Dire need of a stylist.. Yes fashion is unique but this here is not fashion, this here is weird and awkward!


> bien looks like mahatma Gandthi


> Kwani Maasai wamebadilisha color ya shuka? You guys look pathetic but your music is good.


> Maybe my glasses are deceiving me, or my mind has shut down somehow, but they look...weird. Don't get me wrong. I am a huge fan of Sauti Sol...I almost have a shrine for them...but on this one, it's an epic fail. Maybe they should change their image consultant or fire the new love lost least from this end.


> Haki this is bad is that shuka Bien work up with it r from bed coz of this cold.

> The guy at the left side.. are those not bedsheets.. or they are curtains... #justasking#

> Talk about a group starting to believe it's own cr*p.! Still a huge fan..... But don't overstretch my imagination.

> Confused fellows I think fame is getting into their heads

> The guy who put POTUS & KE1 into a Bracket has been put into a Blanket! It's a Wrap!


And here is the picture that led to the trolling;


What are your thoughts on the Sauti Sol look? Is it HOT or NAH? (Leave Us A Comment)