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A List of Nigeria's Wealthiest Artists

For ten years now Nigerian music otherwise known as Naija has become part and parcel of Kenya's music industry, that has changed from just playing their music to paying them for concerts and them coming to Nairobi for media tours. Thing is, Kenya has contributed to the success of Nigerian artists who are raking in millions and producing some of the wealthiest artists in the continent.  Lets look at a couple of the wealthiest Naija artists.  When we talk about net worth, it is how much the artist worth as an asset base an artist's works, achievements, investments, and popularity

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New Music Alert: Rev. KATHY KIUNA 'Never Give Up On God'.

Popular controversial Pastor, Rev. Kathy Kiuna has ventured into the music industry debuting with a gospel reggae single dubbed 'Never Give Up on God.'

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Music Video Alert: JOSE CHAMELEONE Drops 'Bwerere'!

Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone is back with yet another promising track dubbed 'Bwerere'.

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Things Just Got HOT Between MOUSTAPHA And NYOTA NDOGO!!!

Veteran singer Colonel Moustapha has attributed Nyota Ndogo's recent outbursts in relation to him as those of a woman who has romantic interests in him.

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SUZZANA OWIYO Has Done It AGAIN, This Song Will Definitely Become A Kenyan Anthem!!!

Veteran singer Suzzana Owiyo has released a new single off her upcoming album which promotes the Kenyan spirit.

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Singer RAY C Is On The Hunt For A Husband, But There Are Conditions!!!

Controversial musician Ray C has gone public with her search for a life partner.

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