Kwame Releases New Single Aki Wewe

Kwame’s latest single is dubbed “Aki Wewe (Mwah).” Undoubtedly intimate and sweet like nectar, Aki Wewe was birthed not in the throes of passion, but as a celebration of matrimony.  A sure anthem to team ma-feelings, Kwame croons an enfeebling serenade to his wife, giving breath to words rarely heard from the lips of lesser mortals afraid to voice their emotions. The chorus denotes a sigh that escapes his heart, whenever he recalls the apple of his eye.

A love note he claims, gave rise to this masterpiece. Like pure spring water emerging from the parched ground, his first lyrics were:
“Hii ni message ya love,
niki massage your heart,
nakupenda juu umekuwa name through thick and thin na sasa nina everything.
You and me,
kwa Mola nikikneel down on one knee,
nikakuvisha ring, si siri…”

Aki Wewe was produced by Waithaka of Waithaka Ent, and MG. The backing vocals were provided by Barbara Guya, a stellar vocalist who has sung with the likes of Kidum and Suzanna Owiyo among a galaxy of dazzling stars. Kwame’s honey-laced vocals and Benjamin Kabaseke’s deft guitar strumming give the song its soothing signature. The entire jam is a breezy blend that will go into the annals of history as one of Kenya’s amazing love songs.

Kwame is a cupid-like chanteur; he has no qualms about making love an everyday affair. His favorite muse is none other than his beloved wife, who he talks about in glowing terms. As evidenced by Malkia, he swings open the temple doors and lets the world into the holies of holies, the inner sanctum of his heart. Sample Haki Wewe below