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IMAGE 'WestGate Terror Attack' Film To Premiere This SEPTEMBER!!!(Trailer)
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
@Kaphrayra Renown Home Box Office inc (HBO) will be releasing a documentary film dubbed 'Terror at the Mall'  regarding the Kenyan Westgate Mall... Read More...
IMAGE Two Upcoming Artists Go Nude For Airplay
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
Two upcoming artists brought business at the Nation Centre to a near stand still when they stripped down to inner wear on Tuesday afternoon in... Read More...
IMAGE Former News Anchor Louis Otieno Speaks About His Relationship With The Late Friend Chepchumba
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
One of Kenya's most astute news anchors Louis Otieno has broken the silence over his connection with the late Careen Chepchumba, a 26 year old girl... Read More...
IMAGE 'Fashion Police' Queen, Joan Rivers Taken ill After Botched Operation!!!
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
@Kaphrayra 81 year old Hollywood comedian, Joan Rivers is battling for her life at the Mount Sinai Hospital after a botched throat surgery. Read More...
IMAGE How Vanessa Chettle Rocked Naxvegas Before Things Went Left!!!
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
@Kaphrayra During the past weekend, there was a brawl at the hyped Nakuru gig that left newbie socialite Vanessa Chettle nursing face wounds that... Read More...
IMAGE Vera Sidika Sparks Controversy Yet Again With Midnight Visit To State House (PHOTOS)
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
@Kaphrayra Socialite Vera Sidika has sparked controversy yet again after posting photos of herself at the State House Presidential Villa. Read More...
IMAGE Former Presidential Aspirant,Quincy Timberlake Charged With MURDER!!!
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
@Kaphrayra Kenyan Former Presidential aspirant, Quincy Zuma Timberlake has been arrested and charged with murder in Brisbane, Australia. Read More...
IMAGE Diamond Attacked By Fans in Germany
Monday, 01 September 2014
  A string of shows in Germany where Diamond was scheduled to perform got off to a bad start after trouble rocked a venue in Stuttgart where the... Read More...
IMAGE 'Toklezea' Singer, Chantelle Flaunts Her Baby Bump In Photo Shoot!
Monday, 01 September 2014
@Kaphrayra She has got to be the hottest celebrity soon-to-be-mum this season and she is none other than J Blessings wife, Chantelle. Read More...
IMAGE Nigerian Sensation, Tiwa Savage Flaunts Her New Bodyguard!!!
Monday, 01 September 2014
@Kaphrayra Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage is flaunting her latest acquisition:- a bodyguard! Read More...
IMAGE A Letter To Vera Sidika From God
Monday, 01 September 2014
An entrepreneur by the name Mary Njoki who offers PR services for corporate’s and public figure’s has shared a letter addressed to Vera Sidika... Read More...
IMAGE Controversial Socialite, Risper Faith Escaped With Her Life After Grisly Car Accident!!
Monday, 01 September 2014
@Kaphrayra This past weekend seems to have been quite a dark-clouded affair for socialites, as yet another, Risper Faith, almost lost her life in a... Read More...
IMAGE Owago Nyiro Reveals How He Got A Visa To The USA
Monday, 01 September 2014
Kenyan comedian Owago Nyiro has accused Kenyans for not supporting their own acts, the ribcracker took issue with how Kenyans wait for their own to... Read More...


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Joel Sebunjo Talks About His 4 Million Instrument


Joel Sebunjo’s musical journey

Coke Studio participant Joel Sebunjo who is set to talk to his fans this week revealed to Uganda's monitor about his Kora, a musical instrument he plays. The artist performed at the Coke Studio using the instrument giving it the 'Korasic' touch that many havent heard.  Sebunjo will be taking questions from fans across Africa and the world on #AskSebunjo hashtags both on Facebook and Twitter later this week.

Where did your love for the Kora begin?
My first encounter with the Kora was around 1999. I was on a performing visit to Denmark when I met Toumani, a very famous Kora player from Mali. The sound and instrument moved me and I made a decision there and then that I had to discover the Kora.

Why the Kora of all instruments?
The Kora is very unique is sound and sights. With it, you can reasonably do anything musical, from reggae to jazz to soul to Afro-beat and many other music styles. It is so rare for an African instrument to vary that much. But the Kora is that. The sound of the Kora touches the heart; it’s much more than an instrument.

When did you learn how to play the Kora?
In 2005, I made my first Kora exploration. I moved to Senegal and the Gambia just to learn how to play the instrument and develop a unique singing style. I learned from some of the best masters there are in West Africa. So since that time, I am a frequent traveler to several west African nations just to invent Kora styles.

How would you describe your connection with the instrument?
To me, the Kora brings out the dreams in me. What I dream is what my fingers stamp on my Kora strings; dreams of a positive Africa, a colourful Africa, a bright Africa. The Kora is a key part of my personality.

How many music albums have you produced?
I have an album with Kora called Ganda Mande Crossroads. I am finishing my second album with Kora that will be released early next year.

Where did you buy your first kora?
My first Kora was a gift from my Master in Gambia. Jali Alagi was happy with my progress, so he offered me his personal Kora as a gift. I still have it at home.

At how much did you buy your first Kora?
I bought my first Kora at $300 (about Shs750,000). I now I use the electric Kora that costs 1,200 Euro (about Ushs4 million).

Now that you got it, how is life living with your favourite instrument?
I am living my dream, of being part of the legions of Africa’s Kora players.

You have travelled the world with this Kora. Where did you first perform with this music instrument?
I first performed with it in Sweden on a tour in 2007.

How does your Kora produce music?
The Kora produces music when you pluck the strings. The 21 strings vibrate through a wooden bridge attached to a calabash with a cow skin.

How do you market yourself as a musician?
Personally the Internet is key in diffusion. I have fan pages; I have online platforms for listening to my audio and watching the videos.

How do you land gigs such as the one you are on in Paris?
I work with booking agents in Europe who take care of my business and image.

You now have an electric Kora; how does it compare to the one you had before?
The electric Kora is now the epitome of Kora music. All world leading artistes are using this model. The sound is crystal clear, well amplified and easily tuned to perfection, so even in winter the Kora still keeps its key.

Which Kora players do you respect world over and why?
Toumani Diabate from Mali. He is a genius. He makes the Kora sound like a 10 man band team with just two hands.

What have you been able to achieve as a result of playing the Kora?
Generally, my music has gone pan Africa... from East to West Africa, audiences can relate because the Kora now acts as the bridge between these two unique yet very much similar regions of Africa.