Dr Ofweneke Roasts Artists During Grandpa Record's 6th Anniversary


Grandpa Record's 6th anniversary celebration saw the heavyweights of Kenya's music industry converge to usher in a new era in music as well as from the stable.

The invite only event took place at Prestige Plaza in Nairobi and saw comedian and MC Dr Ofweneke captain the evening. The event kicked off with meals and red carpet photography followed by performances from Gin Ideal, Dufla , Della, Sudi Boy, V Sita and a Nubian cultural troupe that ended proceedings as far as performances were concerned.

As a transition from one part of the event to the other, Dr Ofweneke kept the guests who were mostly celebrities on toes with laughter. The MC cum radio presenter roasted almost every celebrity in attendance. He started by making fun of rapper Moustafa about his receding hair line before moving on to make fun of Kenyan songs such as Kristoff's Dandia and Juliani's Sitasimama.

All of Ofweneke's trolls were in good taste and made the event alot livelier than your average anniversary celebration. At one point he even made Mambo Mseto's Willy M Tuva and KTN's Gaddafi both renown in the music industry shake hands in a make do "ironing of differences" that didnt exist, his excuse, he was giving both presenters content for their respective audiences.

The highlight of the night had to be the roast of Wahu where the MC play acted the singer's signature entrance during her performances. This left Wahu and Nameless both in stitches. The evening was not yet done for Mrs Mathenge as Sudi Boy picked out Wahu for a dance during his performance only to let go after realizing he needed "permission" from Nameless. "Naogopa, huyu Nameless aezakua ni karateka" quiped Sudi as he dashed off stage.

Another highlight was the Willy M Tuva roast where Ofweneke role played a session of the recoring of his Citzen TV show  Mambo Mseto. A huge revelation was also made at the event by legendary Calif Records producer Clemo who revealed that he was the first producer to record the Grandpa CEO.

Vibeweekly established that Grandpa Records had signed singer Gin Ideal after the success of her new single "Show Me". She becomes the latest addition to the Grandpa brood that includes, Dufla and VSita. During his performance V Sita also took the opportunity to introduce the "Bendi Ya Grandpa"as well as a launch a new song 'Ustaarabu" which was heard at the event for the first time.

Other celebrities who attended the event include Radio Maisha's Mwende Macharia, Hart The Band, Kiddis, Bamboo, KTN's Shaniqua, Wyre, the entire Mseto EA Crew consisting of Sameer, Fundi Frank and Tuva.