Singer STL Wants You To 'TAKE ACTION'! (VIDEO)

Top musician Stella Mwangi a.k.a STL has dropped yet another HOT one dubbed ' Chukua Hatua.'

'Chukua hatua' means 'Take action' in Swahili. The record´s message is about taking action in discovering your potential and being the change you wish to see. 

The record is Stella Mwangi's initiative for a safe and efficient cooking cooking stove called 'SAFI E-COOKER' a Norwegian bio-ethanol stove designed by 'Safi International'. To provide the low and middle income earning East African families with a better, clean, efficient, healthy, and safe means of cooking. Contributing to the many solutions of pollution and deforestation in the world.

Chukua Hatua has been written and produced by Stella Mwangi, under Badili Akili. Co-composed by Abakisimba.


Watch the music video below;