Tanzania GOVT Stops RAY C From Performing In Kenya!!!

The shocking news that Ray C had been warned by the Tanzanian government against performing in Kenya; bringing her recent tour to a halt before it even began has left her fans dismayed.

According to Monday Blues, the Tanzania government raised concerns against her show scheduled to happen in Malindi and other parts of the Coast citing that , that is where her drug addiction had began and that those responsible for it are still at large.

“They said the president and the government as a whole spent a fortune taking Ray C to India for treatment after she got addicted. They said the same people who got her into drugs are still in Mombasa and they did not see how she would go back to Mombasa for a concert yet nothing is being done about the drugs barons,' Ring Ring Entertainment ; the crew that was bringing her in, said in a interview.

Ray C had already received a sum of KES. 75,000 as down payment for the concerts that were to happen in Diani, Malindi and Likoni and was to be paid a sum of KES 15,000 after the performances.

The people behind her addiction, are allegedly well known politicians and businessmen and it seems that the government is having fears that she might relapse and be lost forever this time.

It would not be the first time a celebrity has relapsed and it usually doesn't end well for them

Do you think the Tanzanian government was right in holding her from coming to perform or should they trust that she can resist the temptation of falling off the bandwagon especially considering all that she has been through?


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